amanita mushrooms growing on ground among green herb


Conference Agenda: (A detailed Draft NAFSC Agenda can be viewed/downloaded as a PDF)

  • Sunday, July 16: Registration Check-In, Reception at The Graduate Hotel
  • Monday, July 17: AM Session, Lunch, PM Session, Poster Session
  • Tuesday, July 18: AM Session, Lunch, PM Session, Banquet Dinner
  • Wednesday, July 19: Full-Day Field Tour
  • Thursday,  July 20: AM Session, Lunch, PM Session
  • Friday, July 21: Guest Check-Out

Optional Post-Conference Field Tour:

  • Friday, July 21: Depart Graduate and travel to Crater Lake and Bend, Lodging at OSU Cascades Campus
  • Saturday, July 22: All-day Tour volcanic soils of Central Oregon, dinner on own
  • Sunday July 23 AM: Depart OSU Cascades Campus for airports OR optional morning field tour

NOTE: We recommend booking flights out of RDM if you are on the post-conference field tour and need to leave Sunday morning. See next note if you plan to stay for the optional Sunday morning field tour. Earliest arrival at RDM 5:00am (actual time dependent on attendee’s flight schedule)

  • Optional Sunday July 23 AM: Tour of the Bend watershed

NOTE: We can accommodate departures from RDM and EUG if you attend through Sunday afternoon.

  • Arrive at RDM 2:00pm or area hotel (for Monday departure)
  • Arrive at EUG 5:00pm or area hotel (for Monday departure)